In this post I want to explain a valuable way of posting on Facebook, that’s how to post music your wall in a music player, so your friends can play a song from their news feed or on your wall.

Posting music on a friend’s wall is easier than you would think. But, you’ll need to have a Dropbox account before you can bombard your friends with random sounds. Dropbox is a website that allows you to store files and give those files a URL (i.e. pictures, videos or music, etc. can be downloaded into Dropbox and gets it’s own webpage).

Here are the steps:

1.     Upload the MP3 audio file to Dropbox

2.     Copy the URL

3.     Post the URL to your friends wall under the “links” option

4.     Then repeat

Though it would be more complex to post your music and audio files on Facebook, huh? It’s that simple.

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4 Responses to How To Post Music On Your Facebook Wall

  1. jeff says:

    Re: How To Post Music On Your Facebook Wall

    That won’t work unless you give your friends your e-mail address and Dropbox password. You have to log in to get to the page.

  2. Emily White says:

    I’ll like to post songs I’ve recorded onto my FB profile pg. Is there a way? I’ve exhausted the usual method, choosing the selection from my ITunes library.

    • Kevin Rowe says:

      Emily –
      Facebook has changes since I’ve posted this how-to article. However, is still my favorite option for sharing audio and video files with online social mediums like Facebook. Dropbox will provide a link to your music that can be shared publicly, but I’m not sure that they still post a music player inside of Facebook.

      Another option that might work is Share Song by GrooveShark:

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