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Does this look like your last meeting?

Aren’t Internet marketing projects getting more and more complicated? Just a few years ago Internet marketing was basically a brochure website with a picture of the corporate office on the homepage. The company website was managed by an intern, the daughter of a company executive studying computers. Simple.

Today, even a Facebook campaign can involve a dozen people with the CEO as the key decision maker. It takes more than just a few e-mails to coordinate this bunch. You need meetings, the dreadful grouping of people that always want to be somewhere else, the bane of life. Whereas an effective meeting can not only improve morale, but a meeting with the right people, at a set time, simple agenda, notes, and that wraps up with decision or two can actually make your Internet marketing project (any project for that matter) much more effective.

If anything, make sure you plan your meeting long before you conduct the meeting. Invite only the people that will actually play a role in the meeting. Also, set a specific date and time for the meeting, both start and ending (you can even have a timer in the meeting). Finally, have an agenda . Make sure everyone knows why the meeting is taken place and what their role in the meeting is. This means that if you’re working on a pay-per-click campaign make sure the person with the budget is in the room and knows he/she has to change the budget BEFORE the meeting.

Once you’ve created a plan for the meeting, stick with it! I seems like every day I attend a meeting in which a meeting attendee hijacks the meeting from the meeting coordinator. Why does this happen? Because the meeting coordinator lets it happen. You can avoid wandering off topic meetings by referring to the agenda. Take charge and remind folks why the meeting is taking place. Internet marketers are a creative bunch with lots of great ideas; for example, ideas about blog topics that don’t necessarily have to be shared in a logo design meeting.

Finally, end the meeting on time and quickly publish your notes. Nothing says, “I’ve got my stuff together” better than the meeting coordinator that gives everyone a 10 minute warning that the meeting is about to end. Good Internet project managers understand time is money, not just for the Internet marketing firm but more so for the client. More so, I love seeing an e-mail with notes from the meeting coordinator in my inbox when I get back to my desk from the meeting. Mind the meeting time and get those notes out!

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